How To Setup/Pair DirecTV Genie Remote RF

Sometimes the DirecTV RF (radio frequency) remote just disconnects from the Genie set-top box. What a pain! You can’t change the channel, see the Guide, or hit the Record button. But there is a quick way to reconnect and pair it, or set up the remote for the first time.

First, you might check if your batteries are dead. Remote control batteries typically don’t just  stop working, they usually die a slow death — working a little, then a little less, then barely at all. Sometimes you can swap the two batteries to get a few more days of life. But if you are sure the batteries are good, follow these instructions.

How To Setup or Re-link DirecTV Genie RF Remote Control

  1. Press and hold MUTE & SELECT buttons and wait for two blinks (sometimes this alone will reconnect)
  2. Now enter the numbers 9 6 1
  3. Press CHAN up button
  4. Press ENTER (sometimes this is where you can stop – you will see a message that the remote is reconnected)
  5. Enter last 6 digits of the Receiver ID number, found on a sticker in the access card compartment.
  6. Press SELECT

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