Get More Out of Disney Plus With These Tricks

Disney_Plus_logo_trans_1280pxEver since Disney Plus premiered in 2019 the global community embraced the streaming service with open arms. With more than 70 million active subscribers, Disney Plus has proved popular, to say the least.

If you’re a Disney Plus user, you might be wondering how to get even more out of your subscription. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of five Disney Plus tricks. Read on to enhance your streaming experience.

1. Watch Disney Plus simultaneously with friends

One of the hardest things about 2020’s pandemic has been the social distancing measures that kept us apart from family and friends. While Zoom calls may be one way of staying in touch, it seems there’s only so much Zoom we can take; 2020 also saw the rising popularity of the term “Zoom fatigue.”

There are only ways to hang out with friends and loved ones, though. How about chilling and watching a movie together? With Disney Plus, you can simultaneously watch the same media, even if you’re in different living rooms. Look for the icon with three people next to the Play button. Hit this icon to generate a link, send it to your invitees, and you can all watch together.

2. Unblock global content

Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus use geo-blocking restrictions to dictate what content you can and can’t access based on your physical location. A person in Australia, for example, sees different content to a person residing in the United States.

Geo-blocking can be a real pain when there’s a hot new show out but it’s only available in certain regions. Luckily, you can skirt these restrictions by watching Disney Plus with a VPN. This handy security software masks your true IP address, and you can even choose which country your IP address comes from by adjusting the server location in your VPN app.

So if that show you want to watch is only available on US Disney, open your VPN, connect to a US server, then open Disney Plus and stream your show!

3. Set parental controls to keep Disney Plus family-friendly

If you need to keep it PG because you share your Disney Plus account with children, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can create dedicated accounts for each of your little ones. You can also set restrictions based on age-ratings. So your 6-year-old’s account can be restricted to content rated G while your teen’s account can be restricted to under R18, or whichever rating suits your family best.

Set rating restrictions when you create each child’s account. Although much of Disney Plus is child suitable, there’s still plenty of content on there that kids shouldn’t be viewing.

4. Adjust your subtitles

Love foreign language films but struggle with the tiny subtitles? With your Disney Plus subscription, you can adjust and personalize your subtitle settings. Switch between English and Spanish subs, make the text larger or smaller, and even change the font, with Disney Plus, you get a remarkable amount of control over your subtitle settings.

To adjust your subs on a browser, enable Subtitles and Closed Captioning, then look for the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner and click it. From there, you can change your subtitles to however you like them.

5. Watch rare deleted scenes

And now a hack for the film buffs. Disney Plus allows you to watch rare, deleted scenes so you can fully geek-out on your favorite Star Wars or Avengers movies. Look for the Extras button after you’ve opened a film, then look for cut scenes.

We hope these five Disney Plus hacks have you enjoying your streaming service even more. Happy streaming!

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