How to Listen to Apple TV with Wireless Headphones

apple tv bluetoothWant some privacy watching your favorite TV show or movie? Here’s how to listen to Apple TV with wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

  1. Go to the Settings on Apple TV’s Home screen
  2. Be sure to turn Bluetooth off on any devices nearby such as iPhones, iPads, or MacBook Pro that may interfere with the Apple TV connecting to your headphones
  3. Go To Remotes and Devices on Apple TV
  4. Scroll Down to Bluetooth
  5. Look through My Devices and select the device you want to pair
  6. Turn on the Bluetooth headphones or AirPods you want to use (be sure the device has battery power and is in pairing mode)
  7. Select Connect Device
    1. Note 1: You may have to try several times before the device will connect
    2. Note 2: You can also pair Game Controllers on this screen
    3. Note 3: Apple TV will only let one audio stream so the HDMI audio will be disconnected
  8. Click Menu to get back to Apple TV Home. Now watch TV shows, movies and other content streaming on Netflix, Apple TV+, Movies Anywhere, Vudu and other services
  9. The Apple TV remote should be able to control the volume of your wireless headphones or AirPods

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