How To Get 4k Channels with Verizon Fios TV

Verizon logoGetting 4k with Verizon FiOS TV isn’t as easy as buying an Ultra HD TV and tuning into a 4k channel. You also need to get the right equipment and sign up for Fios TV One. You might also consider getting a 4k TV that supports HDR. HDR comes in several specs and most aree supported on HDR TVs through conversion if required. HLG is used for live 4k broadcasts. Dolby Vision and HDR10 are used with streaming media and 4k Blu-ray discs.

How To Get Verizon 4k:

  • Make sure you have a Fios TV One set-top box and a 4K TV or 4k HDR TV
  • Sign-up for Fios TV One on the Verizon Fios TV One website
  • Tune with the Fios TV Voice Remote to see what’s on Channel 1498 or Channel 1499

Verizon 4k Channels

  • Channel 1498 (Fios 4k 1)
  • Channel 1498 (Fios 4k 2)

Verizon FiOS HD Channels