Can you Project on a White Wall for a Home Theater?

White wall interior ready for a home theater

Can you use a home theater projector to project on a white wall?

Some home theater enthusiasts opt just to paint a wall with white primer or with special projection paint, and it’s not a terrible option if you are not so concerned with a perfect image as walls tend to be textured with imperfections.

If you do plan on using a wall, it should be perfectly smooth, next-to-new drywall with bright white paint. A good product to use for a white wall is Paint On Screen Projector Screen Paint which is more expensive than typical house paint but is color neutral and made for home theaters.

You may even consider painting a black matte around the projection image, but this will take some time in setting up to be perfect. Make sure your projector will not move and that it is perfectly centered and focussed before painting a black matte. There are also ways to create black mattes using black foam board or fabric, which can also be removed.

If your wall has any kind of texture, your only choice is really going to be a projection screen if you are looking for the highest quality image. Projectors are often used for meetings, parties, or art installations for temporary use.

Why Use A Projector Screen?

A projection screen does quite a few things to improve the overall image. For one, it can have a border that will define the image within it. You would be surprised how much better the image looks with a defined border rather than just a border from the projection image itself.

A projector screen also improves the image quality coming from a projector. A good projection screen will actually reject ambient light. That means, regardless of the light coming into your room from windows or artificial fixtures, the image will not be affected nearly as much as a wall or poor projection screen. New technology has allowed projections to be used during daylight hours and in brighter rooms rather than traditional, blacked-out rooms.

However, there are many types of projector screens to choose from starting from about $50 all the way to several thousand dollars and automated screens that might be used for indoor and outdoor environments. If you’re buying a home theater projector you should consider purchasing a screen that is made for the particular model of the projector. For example, the Epson LS800 (Read a review) that utilizes the SilverFlex Ultra high-resolution ambient light rejecting screen. Shop for home theater screens at Amazon.

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