100 Years of Olympic Films – Criterion Collection

100-Years-of-Olympic-Films-Blu-ray-1280pxSpanning fifty-three movies and forty-one editions of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, this one-of-a-kind collection assembles, for the first time, a century’s worth of Olympic films the culmination of a monumental, award-winning archival project encompassing dozens of new restorations by the International Olympic Committee. These documentaries cast a cinematic eye on some of the most iconic moments in the history of modern sports, spotlighting athletes who embody the Olympic motto of ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’: Jesse Owens shattering sprinting world records on the track in 1936 Berlin, Jean Claude-Killy dominating the slopes of Grenoble in 1968, Joan Benoit breaking away to win the first-ever women’s marathon on the streets of Los Angeles in 1984. Buy on Amazon


  • 53 newly restored films from 41 editions of the Olympic Games, presented together for the first time
  • Landmark 4K restorations of Olympia, Tokyo Olympiad, and Visions of Eight, among other titles
  • New scores for the silent films, composed by Maud Nelissen, Donald Sosin, and Frido ter Beek
  • A lavishly illustrated, 216-page hardcover book, featuring notes on the films by cinema historian Peter Cowie; a foreword by Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee; a short history of the restoration project by restoration producer Adrian Wood; and hundreds of photographs from a century of Olympic Games

The Films

  • Stockholm 1912 – The Games of the V Olympiad Stockholm, 1912 (dir. Adrian Wood)
  • Chamonix 1924 – The Olympic Games Held at Chamonix in 1924 (dir. Jean de Rovera)
  • Paris 1924 – The Olympic Games as They Were Practiced in Ancient Greece (dir. Jean de Rovera) The Olympic Games in Paris 1924 (dir. Jean de Rovera)
  • St. Moritz 1928 – The White Stadium (dirs. Arnold Fanck, Othmar Gurtner)
  • Amsterdam 1928 – The IX Olympiad in Amsterdam (dir. unknown) The Olympic Games, Amsterdam 1928 (dir. Wilhelm Prager; supervisor Jules Perel)
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936 – Youth of the World (dir. Carl Junghans)
  • Berlin 1936 – Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations (dir. Leni Riefenstahl) Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty (dir. Leni Riefenstahl)
  • St. Moritz 1948 – Fight Without Hate (dir. Andre Michel)
  • London 1948 – XIVth Olympiad: The Glory of Sport (dir. Castleton Knight)
  • Oslo 1952 – The VI Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952 (dir. Tancred Ibsen)
  • Helsinki 1952 – Where the World Meets (dir. Hannu Leminen) Gold and Glory (dir. Hannu Leminen) Memories of the Olympic Summer of 1952 (dir. unknown)
  • Cortina d Ampezzo 1956 – White Vertigo (dir. Giorgio Ferroni)
  • Melbourne/Stockholm 1956 – Olympic Games, 1956 (dir. Peter Whitchurch) The Melbourne Rendez-vous (dir. Rene Lucot) Alain Mimoun (dir. Louis Gueguen) The Horse in Focus (dir. unknown)
  • Squaw Valley 1960 – People, Hopes, Medals (dir. Heribert Meisel)
  • Rome 1960 – The Grand Olympics (dir. Romolo Marcellini)
  • Innsbruck 1964 – IX Olympic Winter Games, Innsbruck 1964
    (dir. Theo Hormann)
  • Tokyo 1964 – Tokyo Olympiad (dir. Kon Ichikawa) Sensation of the Century (prod. Taguchi Suketaro, supervisor Nobumasa Kawamoto)
  • Grenoble 1968 -13 Days in France (dirs. Claude Lelouch, François Reichenbach) Snows of Grenoble (dirs. Jacques Ertaud, Jean-Jacques Languepin)
  • Mexico City 1968 – The Olympics in Mexico (dir. Alberto Isaac)
  • Sapporo 1972 – Sapporo Winter Olympics (dir. Masahiro Shinoda)
  • Munich 1972 – Visions of Eight (dirs. Milo Forman, Kon Ichikawa, Claude Lelouch, Yuri Ozerov, Arthur Penn, Michael Pfleghar, John Schlesinger, Mai Zetterling)
  • Innsbruck 1976 – White Rock (dir. Tony Maylam)
  • Montreal 1976 – Games of the XXI Olympiad (dirs. Jean-Claude Labrecque, Jean Beaudin, Marcel Carrière, Georges Dufaux)
  • Lake Placid 1980 – Olympic Spirit (dirs. Drummond Challis, Tony Maylam)
  • Moscow 1980 – O Sport, You Are Peace! (dir. Yuri Ozerov)
  • Sarajevo 1984 – A Turning Point (dir. Kim Takal)
  • Los Angeles 1984 – 16 Days of Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Calgary 1988 – Calgary 88: 16 Days of Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Seoul 1988 – Seoul 1988 (dir. Lee Kwang-soo) Hand in Hand (dir. Im Kwon-taek) Beyond All Barriers (dir. Lee Ji-won)
  • Albertville 1992 – One Light, One World (dirs. Joe Jay Jalbert, R. Douglas Copsey)
  • Barcelona 1992 – Marathon (dir. Carlos Saura)
  • Lillehammer 1994 – Lillehammer 94: 16 Days of Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Atlanta 1996 – Atlanta s Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Nagano 1998 – Nagano 98 Olympics: Stories of Honor and Glory
    (dir. Bud Greenspan) Olympic Glory (dir. Kieth Merrill)
  • Sydney 2000 – Sydney 2000: Stories of Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Salt Lake City 2002 – Salt Lake City 2002: Bud Greenspan’s Stories of Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Athens 2004 – Bud Greenspan’s Athens 2004: Stories of Olympic Glory
    (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Turin 2006 – Bud Greenspan’s Torino 2006: Stories of Olympic Glory
    (dir. Bud Greenspan)
  • Beijing 2008 – The Everlasting Flame (dir. Gu Jun)
  • Vancouver 2010 – Bud Greenspan Presents Vancouver 2010: Stories of Olympic Glory (prods. Bud Greenspan, Nancy Beffa)
  • London 2012 – First (dir. Caroline Rowland)