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HD Report | August 20, 2017

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The Truth About the Format War and HD DVD’s Demise

January 23, 2008 |

Most people have already declared Blu-ray to be the format war’s victory and our recent talks with Toshiba and Universal seem to suggest that the HD DVD camp might be ready to pull up stakes. The crazy part is this: … Read More

First Paramount Blu-ray Titles Spotted on Amazon

January 22, 2008 |

The first signs of HD DVD ultimate demise may be coming from the UK on March 10. After the news on Universal and Paramount abandoning the exclusive HD DVD deal, it seems that Amazon UK is listing three Paramount Blu-ray … Read More

Amazon: $129 Toshiba HD-A3 with 7 HD DVDs and free shipping

January 18, 2008 |

HD DVD makes aggressive marketing plans after the news that Warner Bros. will go exclusive with Blu-ray Disc. After marking down their line of 3 HD DVD players by $100, with two free HD DVD movies and the opportunity to … Read More

Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator Released

December 18, 2007 |

Microsoft announced the release of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator, enabling film studios and disc authoring companies to model the behavior of HD DVD disc content, including encoded video and HDi interactivity, in a virtual environment before committing to … Read More

Web enabled communities found in HD DVD titles

December 4, 2007 |

transformers hd dvdFans of summer smash hits and groundbreaking TV series are tapping into the web-enabled communities offered by HD DVD. “Transformers” from Paramount Home Entertainment and “Heroes: Season One” from Universal Home Entertainment are among the titles that saw significant online usage of the web-connected features.

“Transformers,” which continues to be one of the top selling titles in any high definition format, had more than 80,000 unique online users, with 31% returning to download additional content as it became available. Universal’s current web-enabled titles, which include “Heroes: Season One”, “Knocked Up”, and “Evan Almighty”, saw an average of 30% of HD DVD purchasers going online to download content and connect with other fans. Read More

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