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The Newest 4k, HDR & Dolby Atmos on Disney Plus: April 2022 Edition

disney-4k-april-2022Disney+ is one of the best places to stream movies and shows in high-quality 4k resolution. And, the service is always adding new content to the lineup. Most of the movies and shows in 4k also feature HDR (Dolby Vision or HDR10) and some titles even offer Dolby Atmos audio for immersive surround sound quality on speaker systems that support it. (Read: How To Get Atmos On Disney+)

Among some of the new titles are shows that are not exactly new. Disney Plus just recently added six Marvel Studios series that were once part of Netflix, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and The Punisher. Although, those particular shows have dropped the Dolby Atmos audio option.

And don’t forget, Disney Plus started offering some movies in Enhanced IMAX format, allowing a taller image on your 16×9 TV that fills the screen rather than having black bars on the top and bottom. Here are some of the newest titles you can stream in 4k on Disney Plus at no extra charge.

New 4k, HDR & Atmos on Disney Plus, April 2022


  • Better Nate Than Ever (2022) Film 4k HDR 5.1
  • Cheaper By The Dozen (2022) Film 4k HDR 5.1
  • Ice Age, The: Adventures of Buck Wild Film Film 4k HDR Atmos
  • Turning Red (2022) Film 4k HDR 5.1


  • Marvel Studios: Daredevil (Seasons 1-3) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Marvel Studios: Iron Fist (Seasons 1-2) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Marvel Studios: Jessica Jones (S1-3) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Marvel Studios: Luke Cage (Seasons 1-2) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Marvel Studios: Moon Knight (Mini-Series) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Marvel Studios: The Punisher (Seasons 1-2) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Marvel Studios: The Defenders (1 Season) Series 4k HDR 5.1
  • Parallels (1 Season) Series 4k HDR Atmos
  • The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder Series HD – Atmos


  • Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U Documentary 4K HDR 5.1
  • Torn (2022) Documentary HD – 5.1

See a complete list of 4k, HDR, and Dolby Atmos titles on Disney+.


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  1. This article isn’t exactly accurate. The 4K versions of the previously Netflix hosted Marvel shows have not been added to Disney+ yet. They also were added to the platform in March so I’m not sure why it’s in an April release list. Heck, the 4K releases aren’t even confirmed for April


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