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HD Report | August 21, 2017

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Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

Can DISH take any more beatings?

September 29, 2008 |

DISH Network suffered a 14-percent drop in shares this morning, after marketing partner AT&T decided it would end their contract next year in favor of rival satellite television provider DirecTV. On January 3, AT&T will start a multi-year agreement with DirecTV. Read More

‘Survivor: Gabon’ HD first episodes review

September 29, 2008 |

Lush fields of green, wild elephants, and contestants running around in their underwear…sound like eden? In high definition you will get a taste of what the beauty of this untouched landscape is like. It’s the first Survivor season in HD, and that may keep viewers coming back. Read More

Batman ‘Dark Knight’ on Blu-ray this December

September 29, 2008 |

Warner Home Video announced it would be releasing the latest Batman theatrical release The Dark Knight on Blu-ray Disc Dec. 9. The film grossed over half a billion dollars in the box office in the U.S. alone, and twice that worldwide. The Blu-ray Disc release is sure to be best seller, with Warner releasing it on DVD, Blu-ray single disc, and Blu-ray 2-Disc Limited Edition. Read More