FBI: North Korea responsible for Sony hack [Updated]


Today the FBI issued a statement concluding that North Korea is responsible for the hack into Sony Pictures Entertainment that destroyed data, stole personal information and confidential communications, and took computer systems and networks down, resulting…

New James Bond film screenplay hacked


In what has been one of the worst corporate hacking attacks ever, Sony has acknowledged that an early version of the newest James Bond film Spectre was part of the leaked data. EON productions said on…

Windows XP IE browsers vulnerable to hacks


Last weekend Microsoft announced the first major security flaw to the now un-supported Windows XP operating system. The OS, originally released in 2001, no longer receives patch updates including for Internet Explorer (even though IE6 still…

Netflix corrupted by spammy banner ads [Update]


Netflix just got a lot cheaper looking. Last night I logged into Netflix and found an annoying banner advertisement just like any other website. The ads load directly under the famous Netflix navigation, and subsequently push…

Sony reveals attempted hacks on networks

playstation network logo

Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer has revealed there have been multiple attempts to access the company’s network database, and that possibly 0.1% of Sony accounts may have been affected. The CISO also suggested that data from other companies including paired user IDs and passwords were used in mass to attempt to access Sony’s Networks.

PlayStation Network Back Up… Soon


While the news this week has mostly been concerned with wishing Osama bin Laden bon voyage on his trip to Davy Jones Locker, the other biggish news is that of Sony and their seriously f’d up PlayStation Network issues stemming from a hack with criminal intent back in mid-April. Expect the PlayStation Network to be back up any day now… including access for all services. This will require you to complete a new set of security login/user queries prior to full access.

Sony moves to stop PS3 hack


Sony has moved to take legal action over the apparent three or more hackers who broke into the PS3 operating system, bypassing protection which would prevent bootleg copies of PlayStation 3 games to run on the…