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HD Report | March 27, 2017

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YouTube Live Mobile Streaming Expanding to More Users

March 16, 2017 |

Today, YouTube users are reporting the ability to live stream from mobile devices even if they have less than 10k subscribers. The live stream feature has been available to all desktop users, but the mobile option was previously restricted to larger channels.

The … Read More

Google Improves YouTube App for Apple iOS Devices

March 16, 2017 |

Google has updated the YouTube app for iOS with several fixes and improvements on iPad and iPhone. One of the most useful updates is the addition of Search to History in your private Library. You need to be logged in to make … Read More

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 Live Streaming & Schedule

July 15, 2016 |

YouTube is live-streaming the 2016 Star Wars Celebration from Europe. The event takes place starting today, July 15 through Sunday, July 17. For those of use who couldn’t get to ExCeL London for the celebration, the live streams include panel … Read More

Experience ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ Jungle Scene in 360 Degrees

June 15, 2016 |

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a 360-degree view of The Legend of Tarzan on YouTube. The video lets users interact to get a full 360-degree view while swinging through the jungle as Tarzan, or whoever you want to be. Just click on … Read More

Monster Alligator Strolls Across Florida Golf Course

June 4, 2016 | published this video on their YouTube channel of a giant alligator taking a stroll near the third hole at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Florida. But the video looks more like a Japanese monster film (Godzilla, Mothra, … Read More

Incredible NASA Footage Captures Solar Flare in 4k UHD

April 30, 2016 |

Want to see what the sun looks like up-close and in-person? NASA captured this incredible footage of the sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory as a mid-level M6.7 solar flare happened around 8:30 p.m. ET on April 17, 2016.

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Here’s How to Delete Your YouTube Channel and Everything In It

August 21, 2015 |

Want to completely delete your YouTube channel and all it’s contents?  YouTube Help has published a short video on how to do this, and there really isn’t much to it. Just remember, once it’s gone you wont’ be able to get … Read More

German Court to hear lawsuit against Google/YouTube

June 11, 2015 |

On December 8th, 2015, the District Court of Mannheim, Germany will hear a case brought by Max Sound Corporation against Google and YouTube for the alleged infringement of a video streaming patent, and is requesting a court order that stops Google Android … Read More

Check Out This Extreme Bungy Jumping Video in 4k

March 25, 2015 |

YouTube user devinsupertramp has uploaded an extreme bungy jumping video that’s viewable up to 2160p (4k) resolution. The high quality video can be best seen on a PC with a 4k Ultra HD monitor, or through the YouTube app … Read More

YouTube launches 360-degree video support

March 13, 2015 |

YouTube has officially launched support for 360-degree video, allowing users to control their point-of-view while the video streams. The video quality is a bit low right now, even at higher HD resolutions, but you can expect the quality to … Read More

PBS Kids official channel launches on YouTube

January 27, 2015 |

PBS has launched an official channel on YouTube geared towards kids aged two through eight. Named PBS Kids, the channel has already been loaded up with hundreds of clips and promo videos (mostly around a minute or so) from the … Read More

PlayStation 4 rolls out YouTube app

November 2, 2014 |

PlayStation 4 users can finally start sharing and watching videos on YouTube, as the app for PS4 is now available at the PlayStation Store. YouTube, of course, is free-of-charge and users can quickly access the app via the Share button … Read More

Xbox One to support YouTube apps

November 21, 2013 | 1

Xbox One will support YouTube apps when the console launches tomorrow, and the first native app release is expected to be compatible with Kinect movements, voice commands, and channel subscriptions. This comes as welcome news, as using YouTube through … Read More

DC’s Animated Short Spans 75 Years Of Superman In 2 Minutes

October 16, 2013 |

It’s not exactly HD news, but DC Comics premiered an animated short on YouTube yesterday and it must be seen by any true Superfan.   Read More

YouTube paid-channel service officially launches

May 9, 2013 |

YouTube launched a paid-channel service to compete against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and other online video service providers. Except the streaming service runs on a slightly different subscription model, charging à la carte per … Read More

YouTube Rolls Out New iPhone App

September 11, 2012 |

YouTube and Apple… they used to go together like raspberry preserves and chunky peanut butter.  They never exactly meshed together, but perfection be damned, at least they played nice until Google got fully invested in the mobile marketplace with their own OS and phone hardware. Read More

Amazon & Google/YouTube showing movie The Hunter before theaters

March 19, 2012 | 1

Two internet giants are offering digital viewing of Magnolia’s The Hunter before the film hits U.S. theaters on April 6. Amazon is renting the film for $9.99 for a 48-hour period, with options to stream or download to your PC. Read More

YouTube launches movie rentals – but no HD?

May 10, 2011 |

If you haven’t noticed YouTube has added movie rentals to its online services. One might wonder why it took so long, being that YouTube has lead the streaming video revolution. They dabbled in rentals last year with titles from the Sundance Film Festival, but now they’ve gone full out — offering major Hollywood movies such as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1,” “Green Hornet,” and “Inception.” Read More

YouTube streaming Live beta channel

April 10, 2011 |

YouTube has launched its “Live” channel, offering streaming video in 320p (for now) on a dedicated “Live” video page. There’s lots of potential in the Live channel, (think concerts, video phone chatting, conferencing), but for now only certain YouTube users will be allowed stream content in the beta mode. Read More

YouTube now supporting 4k Quad HD resolution

July 12, 2010 | 4

Still from "Lupe" by Evin Grant First they added 720p HD, then 1080p HD, now YouTube has gone even further by offering 4k HD video. The 4096×2304 resolution format is immense, takes much longer to stream, and can really only be appreciated on high resolution output devices such as a projector or giant TV. You also might crash your PC trying to view the 4k video. But all that doesn’t matter. YouTube has just become “cooler” by launching a resolution higher than even television service providers offer. Read More