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HD Report | March 28, 2017

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Vudu Discounts Select Digital HDX Films

March 3, 2016 |

No need to dig around forums for cheap digital movie codes. Vudu is currently discounting a selection of movies in Digital HDX to just $6.99 each.

The high-quality digital format delivers 1080p video at 24 frames-per-second, with up to 5.1-channel Dolby … Read More

‘In the Heart of the Sea’ gets 4k UHD Digital Release on Vudu

February 23, 2016 |

An interpretation of the epic tale of Moby Dick is told in the film In the Heart of the Sea that’s now available in digital formats. While the Blu-ray Disc edition won’t release for another two weeks, the film can be … Read More

‘Black Mass’ releases to 4k UHD & Digital HD formats

January 18, 2016 |

Warner Home Video’s Black Mass is now available to purchase in digital formats including SD, HD, and 4k UHD. The digital release comes about a month ahead of Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand options, and is one of the first titles (along … Read More

Vudu offers $5 credit after $20 spent

November 24, 2015 |


Vudu is currently offering a Thanksgiving holiday promotion from November 24th through November 30th in which customers who spend $20 on digital rentals or purchases will receive $5 worth of credit. The credit can be used for rentals or purchases … Read More

Vudu adds Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision 4k titles

November 17, 2015 |

If you’ve been itching to watch some titles in Dolby Vision or with Dolby Atmos audio, Vudu has added a small selection of titles from Warner Bros. that support the next-gen formats. Only certain audio/video equipment will support the formats, including Dolby … Read More

Vudu app update for Android includes HDX playback

October 12, 2015 |

Vudu has overhauled its app for Android smartphones and tablets, adding to the features support for HD/HDX viewing — although you’ll need to be running Android 5.0 “Lollipop” to enjoy it. (Vudu’s HD video resolution is 720p, while HDX is provided in 1080p.) … Read More

Vudu selling ‘The Walking Dead’ Seasons as low as $9.99

August 16, 2015 |

If you’re looking to get digital copies of The Walking Dead episodes, now might be the time as Vudu is selling seasons in HD/HDX quality for as low at $9.99.

Not to give you the bait-and-switch, but the $9.99 deal is … Read More

Hit Digital HD Movies for Less Than $6

July 14, 2015 |

While you can dig through the buy/sell digital copy movie communities on Google Plus and Facebook, sometimes it’s just easier to purchase a digital copy direct from the source. Walmart’s Vudu, a digital movie and TV show service, has quite a … Read More

Vudu updates iPhone/iPad app that fixes no-play issue

June 4, 2015 |

On iOS devices, previous versions of the Vudu Player app were not perfect. One of the most frustrating bugs was the inability, at times, to play already downloaded content when away from a WiFi or cellular connection. Vudu has declared … Read More

Vudu drops price of over 100 HDX titles to $9.99

April 24, 2015 |

Looking to get digital copies of all those movie discs collecting dust on your shelf? Vudu has dropped the price of over 100 titles in HDX quality to $9.99 each. Previously priced $14.99 or higher, blockbuster and classic movies such … Read More

VUDU now selling Spark HMDI/USB Streaming Stick

April 9, 2015 | 3

Vudu is now selling the Vudu Spark HDMI/USB stick for purchasing and renting movies on Vudu. The stick is a nicely designed dongle that looks a bit like the Chromecast or Roku Streaming Stick, but unlike those devices it’s only … Read More

VUDU drops price of HDX rentals

March 25, 2015 |

If the extra buck ever held you back from renting movies from Vudu in 1080p, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve reduced the price of all HDX rentals to the same as HD (or, 720p). Hence, the price … Read More

Vudu selling list of HDX titles for $7.99 each

February 26, 2015 |

Is your digital library of movies expanding as the Blu-ray discs collect dust? Vudu’s newest sale offers close to 100 titles in HDX quality for $7.99 each. Although the format takes much longer to download, Vudu’s HDX digital format is … Read More

Vudu App Updated for iPhone & iPad

February 24, 2015 |

The iOS Vudu app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices has been updated with a fresh design, as well as some bug fixes, new features, and overall improvements. The new layout of TV shows (pictured above) on the app … Read More

Disney Movies Anywhere service adds Vudu titles [Updated]

November 17, 2014 |

Starting Tuesday, November 18, Disney will provide access to movies purchased through Walmart’s Vudu service from within the Disney Movies Anywhere apps and website. The announcement represents a big step in providing consumers with more universal access to their digital movie … Read More

Vudu rolls out updated app on PlayStation

November 14, 2014 | 1

PlayStation 3 & 4 owners who access Vudu through the consoles will see a refreshed design and added features as the company rolls out an update to the app. PlayStation users who open Vudu are prompted to update to the … Read More

‘Hercules’ Extended Cut released early to Digital HD

October 22, 2014 |

Paramount Pictures and MGM have released an extended cut of the summer blockbuster Hercules to Digital HD format. Typically, extended editions are only offered in Blu-ray Disc format. But we’re seeing this more and more in digital formats as well. … Read More

Walmart’s InstaWatch for Vudu expands digital copy access

October 20, 2014 |

Walmart has launched the InstaWatch service for use with Vudu accounts that gives customers a digital copy of every eligible Blu-ray Disc or DVD that’s purchased at a Walmart store or online at Previously, digital copies could be purchased … Read More

Vudu begins month-long sale on digital HD movies

October 1, 2014 |

Digital movie service Vudu has begun an all-month “customer appreciation” sale during which time there will be a different blockbuster movie every day for $9.99 in HDX format. They’ve also got their usual monthly deals on select titles for $7.88 … Read More

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Digital HD Price Comparison

September 23, 2014 |

Transformers: Age of Extinction will be released to disc formats exactly a week from now. But why wait? The film is already available in digital format to stream or download from online services such as Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu … Read More