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HD Report | April 23, 2017

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Stuff for Sale on YouTube! HD Radio

November 6, 2006 |

I found this to be pretty hilarious – this guy is offering his Alpine HD radio for sale on YouTube. This is the first I heard of this. I can only imagine what this is going to lead to: Houses, … Read More

HD Radio trying for holiday rush

November 6, 2006 |

In response to the article in Reuters about HD Radio pushing distribution and ads for X-Mas 2006: Last year was the push for Satellite, with Sirius leading the way but XM Radio with great distribution and comparable prices. This year … Read More

High Definition on YouTube?

October 30, 2006 |

What I find fascinating is that the crappy quality of YouTube content is luring what, like 1billion page views this year alone? I think back in June they were up to 20million unique users…and growing steadily. But what about the … Read More

LG Flatron M4200D

October 25, 2006 |

Well LG has inovated once again with its new line of 2D/3D HDTVs. Spec are as follows

“Full HD” 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, 500cd/m2 brightness, 8-millisecond response time, and a 1600:1 contrast ratio. And on top of that It seems … Read More

Delay on Blu-ray player – uh ohh

October 24, 2006 |

Sony who is way behind in getting players on the shelf has announced that they will delay getting their BDP-S1 DVD distributed. According to Sony is favoring the release of Playstation 3. Favoring? What do you mean favoring? Is … Read More

X-Box 360 & HD DVD Player a-la-carte

September 28, 2006 |

Microsoft announced their add-on HD DVD player for X-Box 360 will be available in mid November. The HD DVD player will sell for about $200, and will be capable of 1080p resolution.

But the biggest point to take note of … Read More

First Blu-ray Player Recorder announced…

September 21, 2006 |

but you won’t be able to get one in the States yet! Oh well, we’ll just wait for the price to go down. Matsushita Electric Industrial – which sells Panasonic, will be selling the player/recorder for around $2600.00. Or at … Read More

Using an Antenna to receive HD Broadcasts

September 5, 2006 |

Yes it is possible to set up an antenna on your roof AND receive high-definition broadcasts! There are certain types of antenna’s that you can buy, and they range from about $80 – $800. Right now most major networks are … Read More