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HD Report | July 25, 2017

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Charter Communications

Charter launches HBO GO & MAX GO access

July 25, 2011 |

If you’re a Charter Communications customer you’ll be happy to know the company has launched access to the online services HBO GO and MAX GO. Read More

Netflix reveals ISP streaming HD performance

January 27, 2011 |

Netflix has revealed ISP performance tested on streaming HD content playback. At the top of the metric is Charter who provided the highest performance in the testing, averaging between 2500 kbps and 2700 kbps. Read More

Charter signs deal with TiVo

January 26, 2011 | 1

Charter Communications and TiVo have signed a multi-year agreement to provide the TiVo Premiere set-top box for subscribers. The Premiere will hold 45 hours of high-definition content (or 400 hours standard-definition) supporting 1080p and 1080i HD formats. Read More

Charter adds EPIX online

July 28, 2010 |

Charter customers who subscribe to the premium EPIX channel will now have access online at You just have to log-in with your Charter email address or account username and password to get access to all the titles EPIX offers on your PC. Recent titles now on the network include Star Trek, Shutter Island, and Precious. Classic titles such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Godfather are also available. EPIX HD subscriptions are normally $9.99 per month, which includes both television and PC viewing. Read More

Epix launching online HD viewing

June 16, 2010 |

Epix is launching widespread online viewing of content for Cox and Mediacom customers on The service provides Epix subscribers with a full lineup of movies via the website, including over 150 HD and SD movies per month. In July, the company plans on launching the service for Charter Communications subscribers. Read More

Charter subscribers to get Epix HD

February 4, 2010 |

epix_logo_smIf you subscribe to Charter Communications you’ll soon be able to get Epix HD, a premium movie channel launched in Oct. ’09 by Viacom Inc., its Paramount Pictures unit, MGM and Lionsgate. Epix is currently running films like Star Trek, GI Joe, and Paranormal Activity, as well as comedy and concert programming. Read More

Charter running HDTV giveaway for subscribers

July 29, 2009 |

Charter is running a sweepstakes for its subscribers to give away a home entertainment system, an HDTV and game DVDs. The promotion is a collaboration between cable TV provider Charter Communications and game content provider GSN/Imagination. Read More

Charter’s April HDTV giveaways

April 13, 2009 |

Charter is giving away an HDTV every day this month, and you don’t even have to be a subscriber. Although, you do have to submit your phone number, email and home address, and live in an area where Charter is … Read More

Charter adds 4 HD channels in St. Louis

December 31, 2008 | 1

Charter Communications has added 4 new HD channels to its lineup in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The new hi-def channels include: Food Network HD (Ch. 760), HGTV HD (Ch. 761), National Geographic Channel HD (Ch. 768) and Golf Channel HD (Ch. 772). Read More

Charter to add HD channels in Wisconsin

July 23, 2008 |

Charter Communications has announced plans to add six new HD (high-definition) channels on August 27. The cable television provider will add Fox Sports Net (FSN), Animal Planet-HD, Smithsonian Channel-HD, TBS-HD, In-Demand-HD and The Movie Channel-HD. Read More

LIN TV makes HD deal with DirecTV

June 13, 2008 |

Early this week LIN TV made a deal with DirecTV to broadcast both analog and high-definition channels. The agreement will include television stations owned by LIN TV in 15 markets. Some markets include Albuquerque, Austin, Buffalo, Dayton, Grand Rapids, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Springfield, Providence, Norfolk,  and Hartford-New Haven. Read More

DISH offers $50 to switch

June 4, 2008 | 2

DISH Network is offering a $50 incentive to switch to their services in the Grand Rapids, Green Bay, Hartford and Providence Areas. The offer comes after an agreement failed to be made between television/media company LIN TV and cable service provider Charter Communications to carry local stations offered by company. Read More

Charter customers in St. Louis to get 8 new HD channels

April 16, 2008 |

charter communications logoCharter Communications said today it will add eight new HD (high definition) channels next month to the Metropolitan St. Louis area. The scheduled day is May 15th, however the announcement did not mention what channels would be added to the area. Read More

HD decides where Super Bowl will be watched

January 29, 2008 | 2

comcast logoA survey from Comcast says that HD will decide where and how football fans will watch the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots vs. The New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII is a must watch in high definition. Come to think of it, wasn’t HD invented just for football?

The survey conducted by Comcast found that 47% of consumers expect to make an effort to watch the Super Bowl in HD. That number breaks down into 52% of men and 41% of women. Also, the study found that 35% of consumers are “more likely to host a Super Bowl party of their own if they have the HD experience at home, while 43% said they’re more likely to accept an invitation to a Super Bowl party thrown by someone else if the host offers the HD experience for the game.” Read More

The Weather Channel moves toward native HD in 2008

January 25, 2008 |

weather channelThe Weather Channel is well on its way to the launch of its first HD studio programs, Your Weather Today and Evening Edition, on June 2, 2008. By early May, sets will be in place for the start of rehearsals from a four- story-high HD studio. Read More

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