Home Depot selling Winegard antennas for free HD channels

Home Depot is now selling Winegard brand TV antennas that are capable of capturing free over-the-air (OTA) HD channels. The store is stocking both an indoor and outdoor model, each of which retail for $39.99. The FlatWave Indoor Antenna is a nice looking product that weighs just 0.34 lbs and comes with 15-feet of coaxial cable. The FreeVision Outdoor Antenna looks more like a traditional antenna (see pic below), weighs in at 1.12 lbs, and comes with 50-feet of coaxial cable. Both antennas are rated at capturing signals up to 35 miles away.

DTV antennas are a great way to avoid paying monthly service bills from TV providers. While you won’t find as many channels as you would through a paid service, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS all broadcast over-the-air. There are also plenty of standard-definition digital channels to choose from. The quality of over-the-air television is really good as long as there are no major obstructions to the signal. If you already have TV provider, lots of folks install an antenna just in case the service goes down.

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