Amazon bows original children’s series pilot Sara Solves It



Amazon has announced their Amazon Studios production company has given the greenlight to a new original series pilot titled Sara Solves ItSara Solves It is created and produced by Carol Greenwald (Curious George) and Angela C. Santomero (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood). Each show will contain an interactive math-based puzzle that viewers will need to solve. Sara Solves It is co-developed by WGBH and Out of the Blue Enterprises.

“Our math show, Sara Solves It, will challenge and entertain kids while helping to build their enthusiasm for a subject that’s critical to their success in school,” said Santomero, Co-Founder of Out of the Blue Enterprises.

Amazon says they have 12 pilots currently in production which will be uploaded to Prime Instant Video and Amazon Instant Video for viewers to watch free-of-charge. LOVEFiLM UK and LOVEFiLM Germany will also host some of the pilots.

Feedback from viewers will help determine which pilots gets produced by Amazon Studios.

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