Verizon offers new $49 HD package, minus the sports

Don’t like sports? Verizon is now offering a special FiOS TV package with 30 HD channels for $49.99 per month. Multichannel reports the new package, called “Select HD,” does not include dedicated base HD sports channels such as EPSN and NBA TV. Instead, the package includes over 140 options with channels such as TBS, CNN, AMC, The Discovery Channel, HGTV, and Fox News Channel.

“Select HD” is priced about $15 less than the base level “FiOS TV Prime HD” package that includes 55 HD channels (and a total of 210 channels). You can check out Verizon’s FiOS TV service options here.

The new package is a small step towards offering customers programming that is relevant to their interests. A bigger step would be to offer customers HD-only subscriptions, instead of packages that include hundreds of channels that look terrible on HDTVs.

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