Samsung unveils 85″ 4K TV

Forget the bedroom, the one place where size truly matters is at CES 2013. After LG and Sony grabbed headlines with their new 84″ 4K TVs, wouldn’t you know it, Samsung has just upped the ante by an inch. At a massive 85 inches, Sammy’s UN85S9 now owns the title of world’s largest very large Ultra High-Definition TV. UPDATE: Westinghouse Captures Size Title. This diva of a display also sets itself apart from the pack with its unique floor-standing artist’s easel frame which keeps the huge screen suspended in air while also holding a 120-watt 2.2 speaker system. The set also features improved voice interaction, a quad-core processor, and an enhanced Smart Hub application. The UN85S9 Ultra HD TV becomes available in March. No word on a price yet.

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