‘The Blob’ Blu-ray oozes out with March 12 release date

Leave it to those crafty upstarts at Criterion to totally recognize what this world has been sorely: The Blob on Blu-ray! Yes, the 1958 cult horror classic starring Steve McQueen and an icky mass of red alien goo that tries to take over a small town will be oozing onto high definition March 12; and because Criterion is at the helm, the package will be a thorough one. We’re talking 1080p transfer, uncompressed monaural soundtrack, and extra features including two audio commentaries (one by producer Jack H. Harris & film historian Bruce Eder and another with director Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. and actor Robert Fields); film trailer; a gallery of stills, posters, props, and more. Suggested list price is $39.95.

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