DirecTV launches Comcast SportsNet New England in HD

Comcast SportsNet (CSN) in New England is now available to DirecTV customers. The channel will broadcast in HD (High-Definition) 24 hours, seven days a week. Customers will have access to Boston Celtics games in HD along with other regional sports programming.

Comcast SportsNet is a group of regional sports networks owned mainly by Comcast cable television. The channels include CSN Bay Area, CSN California (serving Northern and Central California), CSN Chicago, CSN Philadelphia, CSN New England, CSN Mid-Atlantic (serving Baltimore/Washington), CSN Northwest (serving Portland, OR/Seattle), and SportsNet New York.

Satellite television provider DirecTV currently leads HD channel offerings with more than 130. The company recently announced it will provide an Election Mix Channel in HD on Nov. 4, providing split coverage of the four major broadcast networks and other leading news channels.


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