Time Warner adds HD channels in Buffalo, NY

Time Warner Cable logoCable television provider Time Warner has added an additional 5 HD channels in the Buffalo, NY area. The channels include NHL Network HD (Channel 729), History Channel HD (744), Disney Channel HD (750), Lifetime Movie Network HD (751) and HGTV HD (715). The channels are available at no additional charge with the Time Warner Cable HD service.

“Time Warner Cable is pleased to bring our customers even more high quality HD channels. In fact, we are well on our way toward tripling the number of free HD channels before the end of the year,” said Terence Rafferty, WNY Division President, Time Warner Cable. “It is our goal to add HD channels that our customers have expressed interest in, as well as provide true HD entertainment value.”

Time Warner also added 5 HD channels to their high-definition lineup last week. Those channels added include CNN HD (721), TBS HD (723), Science Channel HD (737), Discovery Channel HD (738) and Animal Planet HD (739).


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